Thursday, April 20, 2006

Vlad the Vampire Shops at Trader Joe's

Here's the latest late Sketch Club entry. Man, it's getting harder and harder to get color on these puppies. I just need to be more irrational about it.



S.T. Lewis said...
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S.T. Lewis said...

Man, he's got some tight pants! The design is great, and I wasn't there, but it looks to me like you captured the facial expression of someone in his situation... being stalked by a bunch of researching artists. Good stuff.

Hans said...

Aaaarh that's great Seth, Love his expression and attitude! Can hear what's going on in his mind....Grrrr, what the freak are you looking at you stupid...artists!!!
Very cool design:)


Ken Chandler said...

That's Brilliant Seth. You should post this as your anti-hero. I can imagine a heading too... Angst-Man! Men like him aren't born, they're created in labs.