Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Ice Man Cometh

Here's the Toon Club entry this week! Poor Ice Man didn't see the Ice Age coming, and now he's eternally mortified. ...or at least until he thaws out.



Mark McDonnell said...

THIS IS GREAT MAN. Great personality, love that you captured the wind blowing, and wonderful painting that shows the reflections in the ice. Impressive man. Love the Wizard of Oz sketch as well. Nice work and mini-storytelling.


S.T. Lewis said...

Even the ice block has character! I love the wind-blown look on his clothes and hair. At the risk of sounding redundant: AMAZING!

Ken Chandler said...

And there you are standing around minding your own business, the next thing you know you're frozen solid in a socially unacceptable and rather embaracing position. Lets hope we don't have another Ice Age. I fear there will be a lot more people in a simular predicament.

Ditto on all previous comments. I also appreciate the narrative quality of your work. Nice!

derhay said...

I can't even blame ice on getting caught in that position. Oh, how I love a good nose goblin.

Seth Hippen said...

Derhay! So good to see you! Thanks guys for the kind words an' stuff. Who knew ice could be so fun?

Hans said...

Hey Seth,

lol That's hilarious! wonder what took him by surprise? giant tsunami wave or something:D. Great design and good coloring, that's for sure.


Unknown said...

Buena la del Hombre en el Hielo....excelente trabajo,pongo un link en Perejilpuntocom.

Saludos :)

Tyler Stott said...


perfectly captures, just as i figured a flash freeze would freeze a caveman.



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