Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The White Rabbit

I thought I'd try a slightly different style for Toon Club this time; reminiscent of the old Alice illustrations by Arthur Rackham or John Tenniel (but not nearly as good)!

It can be really hard to stray from my default style. I get nervous leaving my comfort zone, but it can do nothing but good for me. It's fun to experiment with new stuff. I wanted to keep going on this one to see what could happen, but I needed to get some sleep, so I decided to post it and move on. I think I have more white rabbit sketches in me that need to come out, so I'm onto that. If I like any of 'em I'll post those too.
Thanks for watching!



S.T. Lewis said...

I hope you do some more White Rabbits. This one's awesome, but I'd like to see what else you've got going on in that head of yours. You're stuck on a particular style, and the style is "good." You could have a whole section in your art book about White Rabbits... which reminds me - you need to make an art book.

Ken Chandler said...

Seth, this is really incredible! Thanks for posting it. Arthur Rackham and Sir John Tenniel are spoken of with reverance in my house. E. H. Shepard (of Pooh fame), N.C.Wyeth, and Edwin Austen Abbey, among others. The men who made illustration what it is, and whose shoulders we all stand upon. Keep playing with style, it can only make your work stronger, though that's hard to imagaine.

Again, thanks for posting this and your white rabbit sketches which are just as amazing. Nicely done!

derhay said...

This is great work, chum. I was tempted to copy it and make an avatar out of it, but I won't. It saddens me to see these sketches and know that my sparring partner is in another time zone. You still inspire me, jerk.